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SMI366CRIME SCENE DRAMASTOCKMUSICImagine searching for the killer, piecing together clues, stalking the target, investigating a gritty crime scene. This CD is designed for police drama, crime, murder mystery, forensic investigation and other dramatic scenes.
HDCD1361EARTH, WATER, AIR & FIREDENNISMUSICUnearthly sounds created, bent, distorted, warped, and twisted to make the ultimate atmospheric underscore for any of the Four Elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. All the sounds have been created from natural ambient or struck tones. Tracks can be looped, blended, or cross faded in post-production for even weirder effects.
SMI364EASY LIVINGSTOCKMUSICA superb collection of versatile easy listening tracks that will suit thought provoking visuals. Ideal as background music for lifestyle, nature and travel programmes.
HDCD1356100 MODERN RNBDENNISMUSICThe perfect CD for your RnB needs! From up-tempo to slow love songs, we've got it all! To top things off,we have included background vocals (no spoken words) to select songs to make them even more genuine.
HDCD1365STREETWISEDENNISMUSICThe go-to collection of hip hop, urban, gritty, dirty, modern tracks, heavily influenced by Kanye West and Jay Z. Music driven to the very limits of distortion, car shaking, speaker rattling, 21st Century street music adaptable to any scene.
SMI309SO SEXYSTOCKMUSICHot nights, cool grooves and steamy sounds. A mega compilation of turn me on and sock it to me horny tracks guaranteed to eliminate that late night headache.
HDCD1250SPORTS THEMESDENNISMUSICContemporary classic themes specially composed for the world of Sports.
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30/05 Heel Nederland begint langzaam maar zeker oranje te kleuren. Onze jongens zijn volop in training en spelen de laatste oefenwedstrijden alvorens ze naar de Oekraïne vertrekken. Ook steeds meer oranje acties vallen op de deurmat en vullen onze TV scherm. Kijk ook eens op onze website om daar muzi ...

25/01 Mediatracks (MML) is one of the first labels on My Production Music (MPM). Alll 52 CD's are in this system. You can find MML also on the Belgium version of MPM. Listen to the track and see what MML and MPM can offer you. ...

25/01 MPM is a Search and Download site for production music. Any visitor can listen to the music but you can only download a track if you have requested a password and have obtained authorisation. MPM offers you two ways to promote your music. The general site is accessible to e ...


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